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It's not house for sure. This is much more psy-trance territory IMO. It's a cool track. I just wish it wasn't so compressed. Makes it sound very boxy and confined. Like it wants a nice open sound to the delay/verb but it just doesn't have the room.

Geekygami responds:

Rectified the genre to reflect it as accurately as possible
(We really need more genres to choose from)

It's an entirely dry mix, there isn't any reverb anywhere.
I went specifically for a dry mix.
If I added reverb anywhere I'd most likely have it sidechained so that it'd be ducked by most everything, which would leave it about in the same place as the pad you hear in the back.
Admittedly I was debating whether to put some reverb on the snares but opted against that.
I felt the snares being dry, rough and abrupt was more what I was looking for.

Something akin to the vibe you get from tracker .MODs y'know

syrupy <:3 there really isn't any critique to give. It's spot on.

Very nice ambient sound on your guitar, as usual. Nice happy skip skippitie beat and bass line. nice backups. I could go for a change section in the middle to give it a less repetitive feel. Other than that, all it needs is some good vocals and you got a good pop tune there.

pitbulljones responds:

100% mate.

This needs some time put into it. I'm considering tempo, rerecording most of it, vox, the works. There is a kernel of a tune that needs coaxing out and it will take time.

Nice mix of flavors. This would be great for Halloween.

Very nice work. you build up to 0:32 but then drop back to the base melody. not a problem but a sound effect at 0:32 giving closer to the build would help the transition be a little more smooth. A long "bit crash" would do it. It's basically just a hit of white noise that fades out in a second or so. Other than that I have no complaints! Beautiful leads. This is a great bit track. ^_^

LostChronology responds:

Thanks for the advice, I could apply that in a future chiptune track!

Don't like the choice of changes at first but the sound palette you have is fantastic. Drums are a little set back which gives a real chill vibe to the track. I think the only thing missing for me is a little more bass line. either more bass or if the bass is too far into the mid bass band, add a doubling track an octave down for the bass lines. Nothing booming loud, just a little low bass support. I think I heard vocals in this track. If they are supposed to be mixed behind everything, that's fine with me, adds to the ambiance. As this progresses the melody grows on you. That pad is so lush! Yeah I like it. : )

you really got the feel accurate. It has that cold sour 80s synthwave thing going. great vocal effects. I have some issues with the run time and flow but this is a really good start.

Great sound. Nice choice of elements. Very interesting and appropriate atmosphere. Lots of little details for the ear to follow. I really have no significant complaints lol

LostChronology responds:

Thank you, I also tried to add a little bit of dissonant leaning bits like the piano around 01:41 to add to the strange and odd feeling. I am glad with the result and how the instruments seemed to work out a bit better than in other works with some tweaking of the EQ.

I like the warm pad feel in the beginning. The drums at 0:25 are a little abrupt at first. Nice lead at 1:00. Great job getting that classic SNES string patch. This is one of those tunes that grows on you. At first it was very odd and trippy but I really like it now. Really nice low pads round the end. Great for this time of year. : )

LostChronology responds:

Thank you man! I can definitely see that, I kind of experience the same that you need to get used to it, but once you put it on loop and listen to it multiple times it gets very relaxing to listen to.

Very chill track. Pretty good balance. On my speakers the trap is a little prominent but it matches the swells pretty well, so can't say I have complaints.

pitbulljones responds:

i'll be remixing this soon. Got some work in progress too. new ep on spotify soon.

I make music and sounds. I post mostly on newgrounds so people can use them in games and such. My full albums can be found on my home page below.


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