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.................... yeah, pretty much.

girls still hate you. GO HOME! lol

it's not just chocolate in the passed 5 to 10 years brah. Mainstream brand candy IN GENERAL has been going to shit for decades. I remember Halloween candy when I was a kid, sure it was still horrible for you but at least it tasted amazing. Now it literally tastes like chemical plastic shat out of a chinese bull's anus. Ugh. I don't even buy it anymore. Rather pay the 5 fucking bucks for some organic crap that at least has real sugar, butter and flavoring in it.

I'll take this over the actual show.

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Ok there’s a lot to compliment on this one. So, I’m going to stick with the few things that actually don’t work for me. The smexy stuff is at odds with the game play. You gota loose to get the no clothes scenes and that’s frustrating. Never understood fappish games that are structured that way. Other thing is, even on a 65mps connection it still laggs enough to make platforming a frustrating pain in the ass. Another thing I never understood. On line platformers. It just doesn’t work very well. Your exe might have fixed that issue but it keeps giving me a “cabinet is not valid” error when I try to run it in wine (on linux. yes I know, don't say it). Says it's corrupted. Played on line for a bit. Got half the keys before I just gave up. Add more kinds of enemies, fix those issues and this would get 6 stars for me. Like I said, a lot to compliment but a few unfortunate problems that killed the fun for me.

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks for the review and rating!

So for the no clothes stuff, you can actually see all the animations in a level by beating it in the title screen gallery; additionally, in the full game, you'll be able to re-watch cutscenes and databanks there as well.

There's also a number of sex scenes that you can only get by winning or doing well, and a number of them that will just show throughout the level regardless of your performance as well.

The lag is primarily from your computer more than likely, as the number of files in the cache when this is running is fairly large; unfortunately, as you're on Linux, some computers can't emulate it successfully with WINE, and a lot of Linux computers are unable to do so. The full version of the game though will get a legitimate Linux build, but for now unfortunately there's nothing we can do about that.

The full game also has 4 enemies for each level, and one boss for each level for a total of 20 enemies and 5 bosses; we chose to go with a smaller amount of enemies but to give them multiple attacks, so that enemies have more depth to them instead of being throwaways with only one attack each, so to speak.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the full game more! :D

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Great sound. Nice choice of elements. Very interesting and appropriate atmosphere. Lots of little details for the ear to follow. I really have no significant complaints lol

LostChronology responds:

Thank you, I also tried to add a little bit of dissonant leaning bits like the piano around 01:41 to add to the strange and odd feeling. I am glad with the result and how the instruments seemed to work out a bit better than in other works with some tweaking of the EQ.

I like the warm pad feel in the beginning. The drums at 0:25 are a little abrupt at first. Nice lead at 1:00. Great job getting that classic SNES string patch. This is one of those tunes that grows on you. At first it was very odd and trippy but I really like it now. Really nice low pads round the end. Great for this time of year. : )

LostChronology responds:

Thank you man! I can definitely see that, I kind of experience the same that you need to get used to it, but once you put it on loop and listen to it multiple times it gets very relaxing to listen to.

Very chill track. Pretty good balance. On my speakers the trap is a little prominent but it matches the swells pretty well, so can't say I have complaints.

pitbulljones responds:

i'll be remixing this soon. Got some work in progress too. new ep on spotify soon.

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Get these bois some sandwiches!

omg that unicorn fountain in the background is amazing XD

knotgames responds:

XD Took every last bit of our decorative design skill to reach such excellence.

Very nice indeed.

samisouza responds:

Thank you very much!!

I make music and sounds. I post mostly on newgrounds so people can use them in games and such. My full albums can be found on my home page below.

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