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If someone in real life performed this in central park, I would give them a bucket of quarters.

Tellin' it like it tiz

So, everyone in the audio recording was stoned as shite

too predictable.

What really makes this is the bizarre delivery of the dialog.

Was that distortion sound when cartman spoke done on purpose?

Also, what the balls did I just watch lol

Ah, that low hanging fruit.

Ah, studying the scientific effects of the opposite sex.

Hark, is that the sound of 100 million 90s kids crying? It's fun to make fun of other people's desperate loneliness. 4:>

There are more people than you might think, whom are sick of being stuck in the circular current of the dock. Many who realize that anchored life, is slow but steady intellectual and social death. However, here’s the problem:

Why are people anchored? The actual “why” would rock your boat. Yes likely even your squirrely boat. This “why” is the kind of question that most people will ask but don’t REALLY want answered.

So ignoring the primary reason for anchored minds, how about we mention a lesser but still VERY real secondary reason: Because anyone who dares LEAVE the frikin dock IMMEDIATELY gets fired upon by the small but very REAL social cannon everyone’s got strapped to the back of their damn boat. Oh you dared think outside the box? Dare go out searching for “forbidden” truth on that big scary ocean? WE WILL SINK YOUR AZZ!!!

You DO acknowledge the cannons but not so much the fact that, they are more aimed at the “drifters” (free thinkers) than at the other docks. The docks claim to be apposed, yes, but you will see a suspiciously united aim/attitude between them, when they sight a drifter. They unanimously hate anyone who’s broken the chain and drifts free. The only thing worse than being on the “other dock” it seems, is being one who refuses to accept dock life in general.

And about your question “wouldn’t you want to drift to new horizons?”. The answer is, NO. Most people don’t feel like ruining their lives, loosing their friends, their audience, their jobs, their sexual partners, their careers, their doctors, their children, their school grades, their websites, their reputations, their freedom or sanity even. Because that’s what happens to most of the real drifters, not because the truth isn’t out there or is unfathomable, but simply because SOCIETY IS FRIKIN PSYCHOTIC. The moment they see you weigh anchor, they will relentlessly attack you, till you are canceled for good.

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