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Something missing

Posted by Midnights-Ocean - September 24th, 2021

So way back in 2005 ish, I got one of those digital does it all "last synth you will ever need" type synths and for over 15 years I've been asking my self, why I am never satisfied with it. it has just about every sound a producer would ever need. Yet, I keep buying desk top analog synths for that inspiring analog "magic". I always end up selling them though thinking "well, I really don't need it, since I have my digital do it all synth". Predictably I end up eyeing a new analog synth, remembering the mysterious magic the analog synths provide. The thing I don't like about the ones I've owned is, they have some serious draw backs. Time consuming to use. Sometimes lacking features. The cheap ones wont stay in tune. All these issues ofcourse are solved if one is just willing to buy a legitimately expensive analog synth. I've always been of the mind that, price tag shouldn't make a difference and who the heck pays over a grand for a flippin mono synth anyway? After so many things bought and sold though, I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't just admit, there really is something missing from my old digital synth that only an expensive analog synth can provide constantly. Maybe I really should just sell a bunch of my junk and go for one. :/




Maybe you should. Don't go into something expensive if you've never really used that type of thing, though. I'm assuming you have used those before though, and maybe you should sell the shit you don't want.

Don't sell the new synth though. Once you get that old synth you're eyeing, make sure you have that digital one too, because you wanna be able to compare the two so you know for sure if it was worth it or not and which one to keep.

Another thing that's worth thinking about: if you're focused on session recording for music, sometimes it doesn't matter 100% the sound of the instrument itself (although that does matter a lot), sometimes it's more so about the effects you put around it and how you mix/master it. You can cover up a lot with audio effects and audio engineering, so if your focus is on session recording, that should be no big deal if you mess around enough and/or learn how to edit it in a way that gets that sound you want.

Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes you really only can get that same feeling ("magic" as you put it) from the certain thing that sounds that way. A real VHS tape never looks the same way that VHS photo filters on smartphones looks.

Best thing to do is think about it for a while, and make sure you know for sure this is what you want to do.

You are absolutely correct. I am mostly aware but thank you anyway for the advice. : ) Yes I will be keeping my digital synth, both for comparison and for midi. I've got other things I can sell to purchase the analog (hopefully). I have the experience but been too shy to go big. It is in a way a big decision for me. I also am lol-ing at my self a bit, because in my hesitance to just go for a big ticket synth, over the years I've actually wasted many times more than what it would have cost me if I had just done it in the first place. It might be time to have just a couple expensive things, instead of a small shit ton of cheap things : P

@Midnights-Ocean Totally dude. I'd rather buy one really nice brand new thousand dollar guitar than buy some used 50 dollar piece of shit every month!!!

Indeed! I made the decision. I'm selling the cheap stuff and getting one legit expensive synth. Thanks much for the feedback. Talking about it helped for sure. : )

@Midnights-Ocean Totally great choice man. Go for it bro!