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Cheap headphones.

Posted by Midnights-Ocean - September 9th, 2021

So, my sennheiser phones finally started showing their age. The head band casing broke. With a little gorilla tape and a rubber band though, they are still in perfect working order. Had them since roughly 2004. I decided though, it might not be a bad idea to have a new pair of phones that don't require a rubber band to not fall off my head when I lean over. In steps a cheap pair of AKGs. What a fricken mess. These are so boomy and muffled. I now know why so many likely told me, my mids and bass were mixed excessively loud. Headphones like these. I also know why so many probably mix 10k and above so ridiculously loud (other than they are half deaf). headphones like these. @.@; You can't easily judge a mix with these things. OMG. lol Oh well, it's good to test my mixes. Always want to test mixes on good and bad sounding gear. Teh scary part is though, these are much better than most I've heard in the price range.



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Using Sennheiser HD 598Cs myself. I don't think I'll ever go back. Are yours closed or open type?
And what do you think you'll end up going with for an upgrade when the time comes?

Once you get a good pair of sennheisers and a good amp to drive them, it's REALLY hard to be talked into something else, heh. My old HD650s are open type, which is partly why I picked up the AKGs. the AKGs are closed type, which should lessen bleed when recording takes. I didn't expect the AKGs to have this massive black hole in their response though lol. I honestly don't know if I ever will upgrade from my HD650s. Maybe someday I will pick up a new amp though. Maybe something from schiit audio. Or perhaps the portable pocket amp from decware. I will also hold onto the crappy AKGs since, ironically, they are useful for recording takes and testing my mixes to see if they hold up under cheap sounding gear. When my HD650s finally fully break, I'll probably just grab another pair if I can find one, if not, I'll just get the HD600, since they are easy to find new. : )

@Midnights-Ocean I dunno how these compare but they are closed, they still have a pretty big sound stage (right term??) compared to closed ones I've had before, those were all cheaporonis tho.
These are enough to use a noisy riding mower or air compressor with without need for proper earmuffs & though they aren't nearly as effective as earmuffs, they are enough to make it tolerable. You absolutely can't hear your music in those situations without stupid volume tho ofc. Hope that's a fairly clear idea of how much sound they block... but ye, they need no amp. Easily powered by a phone. Though pluggin' em into the headphone jack of a stereo is even better. They are also suuuuper durable and like having two big comfy pillows on your head :V

Yes sound stage is correct. Yeah I can power both mine with my phone but it sounds so much better with a dedicated headphone amp. lol yeah sennheisers are super comfortable <:3. The AKGs are comfortable too but not as good as the sennheisers.