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Digital outboard synths: The superior breed

Posted by Midnights-Ocean - July 29th, 2021

So I just got my skulpt se synth. For some reason it’s dual mono output, not true stereo. Strange. You’d think they’d want a good stereo image, not flat mono sound. Oh well, it doesn’t sound bad. Bank 6 has a lot of rather nice things I could use. Well, that I WOULD use, if the synth didn’t blue screen on me every time I turn on a light. Not kidding, every time I turn on my desk lamp, the synth goes completely dead. Doesn't matter if I have it powered by USB or batteries. After a reboot or a few, it works again. There's also another interesting thing it does. When I turn the synth off, it often blasts me with digital noise at full volume, even though it’s OFF. It literally wont stop till I’ve ripped the batteries out of the damn thing. It might just be me, but this digital dysfunction is a rather common problem. 90% of the digital gear I have bought over the past 20 years has been glitchy to some degree or another. I guess this synth is just reminding me, why I prefer analog gear. Lol



Dude that synth straight up boom roasted you lol. You got any pics of it? I wanna see :3

lol it did indeed. Nah, I already packed it back up to return.

Right on. I hope you have better luck with whatever the next instrument you get is haha.

Thanks! It's funny, I'm having a hard time finding anything to replace it with. Everything is sold out practically. For whatever reason everyone is buying synths now.

@DJ-Cassell @Midnights-Ocean
Wow. First graphics cards were constantly sold out, now synths O_o

Yeah, I'm told people being stuck at home is making more demand and a "chip shortage" is making restocking extremely slow.

Yup thats what I heard to. Same reason why PS5's are always outta stock. And I really want one :(

I kinda worry that this might be getting pushed as another "new normal" so we get to pay ridiculous prices for stuff >.<; Or are forced to only buy certain brands. I notice behringer stuff isn't sold out but everything else is. At this rate, my choices are kinda between cheap junk no one wants or $1400 for a mono synth, because it's the only one people aren't buying simply because it's 1.4k for a flippin mono synth DX lol

We can only hope that this doesn't turn into the new normal :/ my salary doesn't raise fast enough to keep up with this shit lmao.

You and me both! DX lol