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I make music and sounds. I post mostly on newgrounds so people can use them in games and such. My full albums can be found on my home page below.


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Don’t let jealousy take your gifts away.

Posted by Midnights-Ocean - May 6th, 2021

There's really no politically correct way to say it. So many people in this world are so busy being jealous of other people's talent/natural gifts, that they don't even discover their own gift. I am a firm believer that every person has their own unique gift. It's not something you earn. Not something you learn (though learning can help one master it). Not something you buy. Not something someone else gives you. It's something you are born with. It is though, something you HAVE to discover.

It’s not a question of: Some are born with gifts, others aren’t and that's just tough titties. Truth is, some people ignore their gift, while attempting to destroy those who haven’t ignored their own.


We are not all the same. We are not all “equal” but it isn’t through superficial means that this is true. It’s true, only because we choose it to be so. The decision society makes, is: Will we all be equally poor, ignoring our gifts and destroying others out of self hatred, sloth like behavior and petty jealousy? Or, Will we all be equally rich in embracing our gifts, understanding we don’t have to all be the same, to be equally happy.

My enlightenment as an artist started when I realized, I didn’t have to be good at everything. Being good at what I was naturally good at, was enough. More than enough in fact, it was freedom. Envy is a cage. When you are envious, you make your self inferior. It’s a self fulfilling negative state of being. Reject such emotional traps and you can fly.




Once I focused on my own craft and stopped caring if my artwork was good or self doubting myself when I see other artists who are better than I, I ended up enjoying my artwork more and felt happy supporting those of any skill and taking it as an inspiration rather than a jealousy thing. It helped me put myself in such a better mindset. This was really well said!!

Your message was emotional. I used to envy a friend, he knew how to play better football than me. There was a day when I told him that I no longer wanted to play with him because he cheated. But just at that moment I kept thinking: envying him was something stupidly ridiculous. I told him I was sorry and to forgive me. Unfortunately he did not accept the apology. Now we are friends again and I discovered one thing: My gift was not playing football, my gift was doing something else like making music or playing instruments, in fact I learned to play the flute very quickly. Nice message :)

Fortunately, I am not the same as before.