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Larger Longer Slower?

Posted by Midnights-Ocean - October 4th, 2020

I doubt this journal will get many responses. Most don't really but lets get into todays subject.

The scope of music changing on a personal level as the years go by and the times change. When the world was 20 years younger, what came to mind when I though of powerful music, were the 4 pillars of hardness, hard acid techno, trance, D&B, rock and combining the 4.

2 decades and it's societal “progression” later, something has changed. It’s probably me but I don’t care about rock anymore. In general, main stream rock feels like, noise, recycled for 80 years. The same 6 chords, 6 guitars, 6 amps. Maybe that’s what’s cool about it. Maybe cool isn’t cool anymore. I don’t know. As far as hard acid techno, trance and D&B are concerned, these days, it stays interesting for me, for about a minute and a half, before, something just turns off inside me. Not sure what but I just loose interest. I just think, heh that 303 was such a great little box and then I get a odd sad feeling and move on. Tis no wonder I don't create much in those genres anymore.

It kinda feels like, the passed is unraveling. Like the dimension where rock, the amen and the little 303 were king, is now just an illusion. As if, the time lines changed and it somehow never happened. All that's left are detached memories of a time, I no longer understand, which is very odd, since I was steeped in it for so long.

Nowadays, what comes to mind when I think of powerful music is: massive, earth reshaping, mega tsunami sized synth bass pads, with no beat, no rhythm-centric aspects, just pure massiveness. Speed and rhythm-centric music, it seems, have gotten smaller in my mind. Sure they are energetic but now it feels more like popcorn. Pooping popcorn is energetic but on the grand scale of things, it’s weak, small. Maybe fun for a short time but ultimately more agitating or annoying to me than moving.

Slow means large now and in a lot of ways it’s actually physically true. Because of perspective, the bigger something is, the more slowly it seems to move. This is why the robots felt so big in the first pacific rim movie, they moved “slow”, as if they were massive. Faster cycles mean smaller size. Atoms spin at mind boggling RPMs compared to your hard drive, vinyl record or the moon. Slow also means longer lived. Where as the faster things in life, are gone quite quickly. Interesting it is that, eh?



If I ever have a band (which I won't as I am very much a listener to music rather than a producer), I will have to call our first album "Pooping Popcorn". :D

lol noice

Interesting ideas, I share the same idea on the progression in what is considered popular, I think that synthwave might have been an in-between stage causing this change. Possibly.

Synthwave. Interesting idea. It does reintroduce a lot of the ambient elements back.