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Manipulative people part 2: Disingenuous teachers & false mentors

Posted by Midnights-Ocean - February 28th, 2019

~Part 2~

The disingenuous teacher:

A common persona manipulators adopt is of the “teacher” or “mentor”. Naturally this suits their modus operandi quite well. Putting them in a prime position to manipulate unsuspecting people. Promising wisdom and better prosperity, as they take your existing knowledge for themselves. All the while leading you down a non-beneficial path. At first this type of manipulator often encourages you with great positivity. Usually the attitude then slowly morphs into one expecting/demanding your subservience. If at any time the manipulator suspects rebellion or feels your mind/talents can/will surpass their own, they might snap into a hostile aggression (sudden attitude changes). Oppressing your development. If a teacher/mentor who first appeared very friendly, suddenly looses their venom on you, simply for questioning them (asking the “wrong” question), you are probably dealing with a manipulator of some sort.

The very function of a true teacher or mentor is one of selflessness and honesty, which can be said, is a form of humility. In most cases a manipulator is completely incompatible with this function.

Example of a false mentor:

Say a mentor invites you under their wing. You present sophisticated, original artwork that you wish to market. They say you must simplify your art for marketability. You oblige, only to find they then claim you are only capable of creating simple unoriginal works. That you never created anything else. The manipulator brought you down to their level. They became superficially equal or greater than you, through clever means. In a way, manipulators are psychotic. Often preferring, for example, to spend vast time learning how to manipulate you into looking less educated than they are. Instead of simply spending said time, educating themselves to make it a true fact.

Manipulators are clever hypocrites. This can not be emphasized enough. To the point it could be said, they worship their own cleverness. A manipulator, for example, might find an alternative definition to terms used herein, in an attempt to discredit this article's arguments.

Clever [klev-er]: Adjective. Superficially skillful, witty or Facile [fas-il]: Acting or working with ease sometimes superficially.  

Mendacious [men-da-cious]: Adjective. Given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth.

My message to anyone reading is simple: Be careful of anyone posing as a leader. If they turn out to be a manipulator, you will probably find them subjugating you. Making you do THEIR dirty work to further THEIR subversive ambitions. The only "friendly" relation you will likely end up with is, serving your tyrannical leader, wondering why you should feel obliged to.

The world is full of manipulators. Mainly because they are widely tolerated. Though there may be times you are forced to deal with them, most times you do NOT have to tolerate them. You should NEVER feel obliged to tolerate them or their games. A fundamental part of their tactic is to keep you engaged in their game. You can say NO. The sooner the better. Manipulators will attempt to make you look weak for walking away but IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO DO SO. The more you engage with a manipulator, the more you inevitably loose. In this regard they are much like TROLLS. Even if you can outwit them, you still have lost your precious time. Time much better spent furthering your career. Your art. Your beneficial relations. Your life.  



Great guide on how to spot this type of personality. Talking to a manipulative person can feel a lot like walking on eggshells. Also, when someone has a severe case of these narcissistic traits, it is a struggle just to figure out how to even respond! Resist until you break free.

Thanks. I'm glad you had a positive reaction to this journal. Eggshells indeed. I was bracing for a flood of trolls when I posted this but it really needed to be said.

Wow, that is very insightful Midnight. Ive known people like this in my life. Spot on.