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Well now.

2017-05-10 23:46:50 by Midnights-Ocean

For the first time that I can remember, something I uploaded here made it to the front page. Small thing I admit but very nice indeed. I thank all those who liked my recent submissions.

New alignment. Giving me flack?

2017-03-01 23:16:07 by Midnights-Ocean

I don't see it anymore but back when I joined newgrounds, you could choose your alignment. I played a neutral character for awhile, then a dark character for awhile, now I'm playing a light character. Get over it. It's like the overly vocal little hitler in a group backin' up the waaambulance if anyone dares not play the hoard 24/7 365. Never changing up anything can get boring. I'm making mostly peaceful lightside now. Sometimes some darkcore sure but mostly no.

hello again new grounds

2016-09-11 14:19:11 by Midnights-Ocean

So I'm back to posting here again. Maybe I'll put some more effort into it this time. Take it a bit more seriously. I'll post some of my original material. I've got a bunch of covers that I want to post too but I gota edit them first. Way back when I made them, I thought it'd be cool to have a few samples in there but apparently new ground has 0 tolerance for samples. Which is perfectly fine with me actually. I think the whole sample thing is overrated and outdated. I prefer originality my self.

You might see me saying a lot "I will mix this better when I can" or "production isn't quite finished". When I say "mix" I don't mean take samples of other people's music and mix them together nor do I mean make scratch noises on a turntable. No, I mean studio mixing. which is adjusting the relative volume levels of each instrument so they sit well in the tune. the reason I haven't had a chance to mix things better is because my home town kinda got washed away. I lost a bunch of my shit and had to relocate. putting a life back together is a slow process I'm sorry to say :( 


2009-05-11 17:48:23 by Midnights-Ocean

Posted a tune. I'll see how well it's received here. If it gets a good response, I'll post more tunes as I have material I deem appropriate.

Exploring new realms

2009-03-13 00:37:23 by Midnights-Ocean

A good friend of mine turned me on to this site. Said my music would be well received here. So I made an account. Will be uploading music and finishing details of my profile in the near future.